Privacy Manager Won't Turn Off

In the process of trying to figure out my Caller ID issues, I tried enabling Privacy Manager on my inbound routes. All I got was messages like:

[2016-04-23 08:58:37] NOTICE[4698][C-0000001f] chan_sip.c: Failed to authenticate device "Martinez CA" <sip:[email protected]>;tag=102932279

And calls would not go though, so I turned it off.


Privacy manager seems to be turning itself on somehow. Calls will stop coming through and I will get that message again. If I give the command

asterisk -rx "core reload"


fwconsole restart

Everthing is repaired. Does anyone have any idea what’s going on?

Might have figured this out. This line right before the error above was:

WARNING[4698][C-0000001e] chan_sip.c: username mismatch, have <HomeLine>, digest has <09253131111>

I had descriptive text as “Name” for my trunk (HomeLine). When I changed it to the number (09253131111) the error stopped.

You could perhaps use

“NAME” < number >

you don’t need the space round the number but I could not get the < to stay without it.

But a simple number is all you need from one box to another ,
then you can call it what you want.!


As I said, just needed to make sure the “Name” used in the trunk was the same as the one used in my ATA, my HT-503. Then the HT-503 and FreePBX agreed and there was no error.

totally agree
Just saying that (“Name” < number >) format may allow you to predefine a name also.
"my Trunk" <09253131111>

including the quotes.

But that may also stop it working !!


If you’re saying that’s a way to configure Privacy Manager, where does that go?

Hey K.

No, I think I may have the wrong end of the stick.
Just saying that may be a possible way to configure the DID, that the HT puts out towards the PBX.


I managed to get my authentication errors to go away by carefully matching the username set in my ATA to the name set in my trunk. So that seems to be taken care of.

However, I would love to find documentation on Privacy Manager. I did a short search and didn’t find anything. It sounds like a great tool for doing things like blocking calls without Caller ID information.

Oh Duh,

Blacklist Module Users Guide

There is a stick for every occasion. :wink:


And a system recording in a nice lady’s voice to play for people.