Priority for internal call


If there is a simultaneous call from an internal and external line and the phone is picked up you standard get the external call. Is it possible to change this priority so that if the phone is picked up you will get always the internal call?

In other words, is it possible to set that internal calls has always precedence over external calls?


I left my mind reading hat at home today?

Without specifics about your system and what phones you are using how can anyone possibly assist you.

Sorry forgot to mention that, but we make use of version: 1.812.210.58 (FreePBX Distro) and SNOM 370 devices.

If you need more information please let me know.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

What you’re stating in the original post doesn’t make sense for any SIP phone that I’ve ever seen. Typically if you have more than one call coming in at the same time, whichever one starting ringing first will be the one that is automatically answered first when you pickup the handset. It has nothing to do with internal VS external VS anything else… it’s literally, first call in, first answered automatically.

It may seem like they come in at “exactly the same time”, but in reality one is always before the other even if it’s only a fraction of a second earlier. Test it out yourself and see… if you call from an internal extension to say 222, then while that’s ringing you get somebody else to call in a DID pointed to 222, the first call should be the one answered when you pick up 222’s handset. If you place the calls in the opposite order, the first call would be the first one placed (i.e. the external).

The only way to do any kind of “prioritization” (unless you are building your own firmware for a SIP phone) would be to have two extensions on the phone… one that handles internal calls, and one that handles only external. Then setup the phone so that the “internal calls account” has priority on the phone. Even then it depends on the phones you use as to whether that’s actually possible as some will not let you specify any kind of priority…