Prioritize one queue of all those used by a user

Good morning, I would like to give priority to a user in a specific queue so that he can answer all the calls from that queue and if he is free to answer the other …

The point is to make the priority only for one user, not for anyone who joins the queue.


Queue Weight applies to all agents logged in. I don’t think it is possible to set it for am individual user…

However, take a look at Queues Pro, you might find a way to achieve what you are trying to accomplish:

In principle, queue member penalties cover this, but it is a complex, and I suspect, little used area.

How could queue member penalties prioritize a call from one queue over another? I can’t think of a way you can do that with queue member penalties.

ok, thanks… i think this is imposible… that’s why i ask

Whilst it doesn’t support the requirement exactly as specified, you can arrange that the agent will be allocated immediately to calls in one queue, but only allocated in the other queue if the caller has been waiting a long time.

That still does not give priority for one call over the other.

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