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Good morning, I need to fire up an agent in the queues of the switchboard, but I do not know how to do it and with the documentation I do not finish clarifying. I explain that I need:

I have two queues, queue A and queue B
In queue A enter 3 agents 100, 101 and 102
and 2 agents enter queue B 201, 102

I would like agent 102 to receive fewer calls in both queues A and B. Or put another way. In queue B, agent 201 answers many more calls than agent 102.

How can I configure it?
I have a FreePBX switchboard with asterisk version 13.36.0
Thank you

You would just adjust the agent penalties in the Queue Agents tab. 102,0: 102 is the agent, 0 is the penalty to adjust.

Thanks Comtech! This solved my problem :slight_smile:

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