PRI with HA Setup

I am looking at installing an HA phone system setup with 4 Port PRI Cards in them. These will be PBXact 1000 units. How will I go about connecting the PRI lines to BOTH the Active and Standby systems?

You should use Xorcom Astribank with Twinstar enabled. Your problem is the hardware. If you were thinking to use cards they will not do. You cannot connect two interfaces to one line.

Use our Vega 400PRI gateways. They are 4 port gateways and will register to the active node.

As a plus you can put in two Vega 400 into HA mode and have true failure where if the primary gateway dies the secondary takes right over.

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@tonyclewis I do see how the Vega would work with HA. But how can HA work on the Vega gateways? The PRI lines coming from the ADtran would only be able to plug into 1 of the Vega gateways. Not both.

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The Vega gateways have their own HA built in. You plug the 4 PRIs into Vega 1. Then we have cables you jump from Vega 1 to Vega 2.

In the even of any type of software or hardware failure on Vega 1 it will passively passthrough everything to Vega 2. So if power is pulled on Vega 1 or the Vega dies or anything that causes it to fail Vega 2 kicks in.

In the case of something like a Astrabank from Xorcom you still have a single point of failure just like you would with a single Vega 400 but with Two of them in HA mode you eliminate all single point of failures. We have set this up for hundreds of customers.

@ecasas do you have a link to documentation showing this?

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Very nice. That’s exactly what I needed. Now I just need to train on how to configure them. I have not touched a gateway and looking at documentation they look confusing as hell. Lol

There is a document explaining this port failover feature for the Old Gen Vega 400, but it works exactly the same way in new gen Vega 400G.

You can donwload it from:

If you have any question, post it here and I’ll be happy to help you.

Can you update the HA solution in wiki with more details? It is very useful for VEGA users.

Would the HA on the Vega 400s also work if there was a hardware failover on the primary freepbx server? Currently if my system goes down I have to manually move the PRI from the master to the secondary node.

Yes it would as it would register to the floating IP

What if my systems are FreePBX14 and thus without HA as it is not available yet? My thought is to use a warm spare model until HA is released for 14.

Good idea.