PRI with Adtran 924 help needed

I am trying to set up a freepbx system connected to a PRI via an adtran 924. I believe I have the adtran configuration side correct, but I do not know how to set up on the freepbx side for it to know that there is a PRI with voice channels available via the adtran on the network. If anyone can give assistance on this configuration, it would greatly be appreciated. Thanks

You should be able to modify the instructions I uploaded here: FreePBX for a Hotel Solution - Currently the last Post.

Adtran Support is excellent too - they have helped me a couple of times.

Thanks for that PDF. I skimmed through it real quick but I’m not where I am able to work on the adtran at the moment. I will be able to in a couple hours. My one question is there anything I need to do on the freepbx side to get it to recognize the adtran? I see you have a trunk setup for the PRI t01 so I am assuming that is the account that will link it but wasn’t sure under what setting for trunks do I add it on to the asterisk side. If I overlooked something skimming through it quickly, apologize for that. I will definitely be using your guys in a few hours to check everything out. Thanks

If you are actually terminating the PRI on the Adtran, and you want to run the incoming and outgoing through the PRI to the Asterisk, you will need to set up a SIP trunk on the Asterisk , and then link the Adtran to it, and then set up inbound routing on the Adtran (Pri -> Adtran -> Asterisk) so that the traffic is forwarded. This should be a separate SIP trunk definition from the trunk for the FXS ports. But you can use both - setup is just a little tricky.

Okay, thanks!

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