PRI Pass through

Hello all,

Wonder if anyone has accomplished the following…

I am running FreePBX with a Sangoma A102 Dual T1 card. 1 T-1 is connected to a Telco provided PRI and the other is presently cross connected to a legacy PBX for some ACD and predictive dialing functions. Presently, I am able to successfuly call into the FreePBX server, then transfer calls into the legacy PBX, and vice versa from the legacy pbx to FreePBX. I would like to however automatically route inbound calls from certain DID’s to the Legacy pbx without changing any of the caller ID info. It would seem like a simple task, but I have not had any success beyond creating mirrored extensions on each PBX and call forwarding out the FreePBX extension to the legacy pbx. The problem there is that the Caller ID is then touched and is showing up as the caller ID set on the FreePBX trunk the call came in on.

Any help would be appreciated…


may be create another trunk with blank “Outbound Caller ID” field
and use it to route such calls out from * to the legacy pbx?

in this scheme caller ID would be preserved

I’ll give that a shot…

Did that last comment help? Did you find a solution?

Here’s what worked for me:

PRI to telco is ZAP/g0
PRI/T1 to Lagacy box is ZAP/g1

Create an “Outbound Route”

I used dial prefix #8 and set up dial patterns like this:


for “Trunk Sequence” I selected ZAP/g1

Now for each inbound DID I create a “miscellaneous destination”

Description “Legacy 2125551212”

Dial: 82125551212

Finally, I create an inbound route:

DID: 2125551212
Set Destination = “miscellaneous destination” (Legacy 2125551212)

Works like a charm for my eicon DIVA fax server.