PRI Gateway: any hardware recommendations?

I’m currently looking for a gateway to connect FreePBX to an E1/PRI interface. I will have two 30 channel PRIs, and i’m looking for a gateway that has two E1 ports and offers a SIP trunk with ulaw/alaw. I’ve had a quick look around and found some products from Digium, Patton, Sangooma etc. but have no source of information on the quality of the devices. To give you an example of what i’m looking for basically:

Patton 4940 series:
Digium G200:
Sangoma Vega200:

Does anyone have any experience with any of these boxes, respectively with similiar devices?

To me, the best gateways made are Cisco multiservice routers, with in your case E1 Multiflex cards.

Routers in the 1900 and 2900 series will do the trick.

Can i add the Cisco multiservice router as SIP trunk in FreePBX? If not, what type of trunking can i apply?

Yes, that is correct, and exactly what I do.

I personally enjoy finding deals on reconditioned Cisco routers (2800 series or 2651XM’s). You can usually find these for the price of a good t1 card with echo can.

So the enhanced high-speed WAN cards can be hooked up to my E1 PRI?

The Multiflex E1 card can. Check requirements for IP Voice.

In a 2651XM needs an NM-HDV to hold the DSP’s. The 1760-V has the DSP’s on the board as does the 2800.

What exact part number are you talking about?

Ok, i’ll link up what i’ve chosen so far;


I assume these two match. Would be great if they work together, would be cheaper then getting a Digium or Sangoma gateway.

How many concurrent calls can the Cisco handle? I need 30 concurrent calls per E1.

See this sizing chart:

You would need one PVDM2-64 to support 60 concurrent g.711 (either ulaw or alaw).

The echo cancellation and audio quality of the Cisco can’t be beat.

I can also post a sample config from a running system.

So, next to the E1 card, i also need the PVDM DSPs. So i guess i can use the Multiflex E1 card with two E1 ports and connect both E1s two those and serve both with on 64-channel DSP? I assume that to FreePBX, the Cisco box then is one SIP trunk, right? What about fax?

Yes, one SIP trunk, industry leading t.38 support for FAX.

Hi Skyking,
an example configuration would be great!

Search the forums, I have posted the config, don’t have one with me.

The Cisco (nore any gateway) have capacity limitations that would prevent you from using all your channels. I have never seen such a thing.

The great thing about the Cisco is the full IOS command set is available for different failover and proxy configs. At the most basic level you just need one dial peer in, and one out. That’s it!