PRI dial out channels

Is there a way to force dahdi to dial out using the last PRI channels first (last->first), instead of going from first -> last.

Here’s an example of what I’d like to achieve.

The PRI is dahdi channels 25 - 47 (48 would be the D-channel of the PRI). Inbound calls ring-in using channel 25 first, then proceed down to channel 47 as additional calls ring-in. When dialing out, I’d like freepbx to use channel 47 first, then proceed towards channel 25 as additional outbound calls are made. It appears as though by default, both inbound and outbound calls try use 25->47.

Also… Let’s say dahdi thinks channels 26-47 are free, (inbound call on channel 25). If an outbound call is made, it (presently) will try to place it on channel 26. If that channel fails, it seems as though dahdi fails the call instead of trying channel 27. Is this accurate, and if so, is there a way to change this behavior? Today, we had an issue with our providers gateway. A channel was stuck in restart and wouldn’t come free on their end. Our PBX didn’t detect that channel was busy/down, and tried to place outbound calls on it. The calls failed on that channel, and weren’t attempted on any other free channel. Instead, an “all circuits are busy” message was reported.

If needed:
We are using Xorcom hardware, Elastix 1.6

Thanks for any help.

Not completely sure but I think g0 hunts in one direction and G0 hunts in the other direction.