PRI card support for Trixbox

Hello all,

I am having a trixbox ce It is working with SIP. Now we planned to change our service provider. Unfortunately they wont support SIP trunks. They support PRI cards. My doubt is whether Trixbox CE version support PRI. If support which card can I purchase?

Please help me out this. Any help would be appreciable.

Thanks in advance

Sooraj N

Trickybox doesn’t support anything anymore, it has been dead and gone for ages.

If you search the forums there is a script provided to upgrade to the latest FreePBX on a trixbox.

In the simplest terms the DAHDI driver in trixbox will support older PRI cards and you have to configure by hand.

If you are handy with Linux you could, in theory install the latest DAHDI. There are many other problems because your Asterisk is very old and there is no way to simply upgrade the FreePBX without using the script that forklifts everything.

Is there any version in trixbox which support PRI cards? If yes could you please mention that? Also can I install latest DAHDI in my current trixbox

I will answer your question if you answer mine. What is holding you back from upgrading? trixbox is based on a hacked old version of FreePBX, ancient Asterisk and CentOS. You are going to get nothing but grief asking for help on it. Is it simply fear holding you back? How many extensions?

To answer your question, all versions of DAHDI support ISDN PRI interfaces.

I will be listing a couple of old Digium PRI cards on eBay sometime this week.

Thanks for the reply. I am ready to upgrade. I have 40 extensions. If I plan to upgrade could you please suggest me a version? Also please let me know whether it is a paid one.Also please let me know if there is any issue while restore the backup to new version. Thats the reason holding me back. Please help me out this.

You can’t restore the backup to another version.

You have two choices:

1 - Wipe and install the latest FreePBX distro (free) I would recommend the sysadmin pro paid upgrade and the endpoint manager to help manage your phones. Use the old 2.9 bulk extension module from it will install on trixbox. Then import the extensions and set everything else backup by hand. If you have a new server to do this on and test all the better.

2 - Search the forums and try the trixbox upgrade script. Make sure you have a good bare metal backup from mondobackup or use a tool like the PING distribution to write the image to another HD. You can also do DD by hand and just pipe it to another HD.

As I said you have to be handy with Linux. You also might think about getting some help with this work. 40 extensions is a decent size system, a professional can do the conversion very quickly.

Thanks a lot for the support. Actually I am not a PBX specialist. So I have some limitations to understand. Sorry for that. If I install FreePBX distro (free)with out sysadmin pro paid and end point call manager, is there any issue. Also freepbx distro support PRI cards? If yes, please suggest some PRI card names. I have one more query that is Trixbox pro support PRI cards?

Thanks in advance

Don’t go anywhere near trixbox Pro.

All Asterisk and DAHDI support PRI ISDN. The cards that work with it is in the DAHDI documentation.

Thanks for the reply.
Anyway I am planning to go for FreePBX Distro. Is this good to go. Is freebx distro support PRI cards? If freepbx distro support PRI cards then I have one more doubt. Now I am using Cisco 7940 series IP phone like 7940 and 7941. Is this series support freepbx distro with PRI cards? Please reply

Thanks in advance

Sooraj N

The phones have nothing to do with the PRI. The Cisco 79x0 and 79x1 are also supported. You can just move your config files over from trixbox or set them up using the endpoint manager.

Thank you very much for your valuable reply. Actually I am using SIP trunk in Trixbox CE. And all the phones are using SIP. Is there any issues while restore the backup from trixbox (SIP trunk) to freepbx distro with PRI card. Also do I need to change any settings in Cisco voip IP phone?

I answered that question in incredible detail in post number 7.

Did you set this system up initially?

Yes. I installed freepbx distro in a new machine. Now its is a fresh freepbx distro machine. The older one is SIP trunk and the new machine which we planned is to use PRI cards. So any issue while restore the old backup to the new machine with PRI card? Also with PRI card we can create DAHDI extensions right? please reply. Thanks in Advance.

No, no and no.

For the third time, you can’t restore your backup.

You also still use SIP extensions. Trunk technology has nothing to do with the technology of the extensions.

Thanks for the support. Why I am asking about SIP because, we changed the service provider to Comcast. They told that they wont support SIP. So try for PRI cards.Can I create SIP extension with PRI cards?

Frankly, I don’t think you understand how PBX’s work. I also don’t think you can read English well enough that it is worthwhile to keep doing this.

I have told you three different ways now that the extensions and trunk technology have nothing to do with each other. Asterisk is a switch, it switched between all supported channel technologies.

Do you understand?

Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for your great patience. From the beginning itself I told that I am a Trixbox expert. Can I create extensions in SIP and use PRI cards. Why because my service provider told that they wont support SIP. Here is the confusion.

Your provider won’t see the SIP. Your phones talk SIP to the server, the server talks ISDN to the provider, understand?