Prgkey 5 and prgkey 6 - Save and delete buttons on Aastra 6731i

Aastra phone 6731i

On a aastra phone 6731i, Prgkey 5 by default is save and Prgkey 6 is delete.

Key 5 - SAVE Allows you to save numbers and/or names to the Directory. Using this key,
you enter the number, name, and line (or speeddialkey) to record in the
Directory List.
key 6 - DELETE Allows you to delete entries from the Directory List and
Callers List. (Must enter the Directory or Callers list and select an entry, then press
twice to delete entry).

We can change aastra.cfg file to lock and unlock the Save and Delete keys for the 6731i:
The value of “0” unlocks the keys and we can use it to program some other functionality, and the value of “1” locks the keys.

prgkey5 locked: 0
prgkey6 locked: 0

In freepbx, it is 0 for both in aastra.cfg and I changed it to 1 for both. Still key 5 and key 6 don’t show up as save and delete in the phone after rebooting. I need the “delete” button to delete the entries in the callers list. Without the delete button, I am not able to delete the entries in the callers list.

do i need to factory default the phone to make key 5 and key 6 “save” and “delete” again?