Preview in FreePbx

Could someone help me set up Preview in Free Pbx here? I have got Grandstream GDS 3710 and IP video phone GXV 3370. I would need help with previewing, please. I have to see who’s behind the door before I pick up the call. Thank you in advance.

You topic title isn’t very clear on what you are looking for. There is nothing called “Preview” in FreePBX or Asterisk. You’re asking for help in setting up video calls because that is what these devices are, video devices.

I’m guessing you want the GDS to ring the GXV and produce video. So step one, ensure that both endpoints have video support enabled on them and you’re allowing the proper codecs to be used by both endpoints.

Once you try that let us know the results.

If such a thing is possible at all, it will involve SIP early media, i.e. the media will be exchanged prior to the 200 OK (the answer). I can’t claim much expertise in early media, but in the few PSTN cases it’s come up for me, early media always goes from the callee to the caller, not the reverse. For this to work you will need to determine:

  1. if the door phone can send early media video
  2. if asterisk can be configured to accept early media video
  3. if asterisk will then send early media to the receiving endpoint
  4. if the receiving endpoint is capable of receiving and displaying early media video

You could avoid steps 2 and 3 if you are able to redirect media directly between endpoints using canreinvite or its pjsip analog. I suppose it might be possible to bypass the above complexity with multicast somehow, but I don’t think you would be able to interact with the caller that way.

As far as I can recall, Asterisk doesn’t touch it video in almost any way. It is pretty much direct media as it can’t transcode or do anything else with it like it can with voice calls. The video stuff is pretty straight forward and there isn’t much on the Asterisk side that can be done. There are some options but it’s not a robust as voice.

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