Prevents calls among extensions groups

Hi all,
I have the need to block calls among group of pjsip extentions.
I have two groups of pjsip extensions:100-199 and 200-299.
What I have to make possible is that calls could be allowed only among 100-199 and 200-299.
More specifically no extension 1XX can call 2XX and viceversa.
I know that problem was already addressed. I’ve read that I should manage custom extensions, but I think, mainly,that examples found are
based on SIP extensions and not PJSIP (as in my case).

Thank you so much!

The type of the extension is not important. All of the solutions for this use extension ranges, and those are always tech agnostic. Anyplace you would use “SIP/…” use “LOCAL/[email protected]” and you should be good to go.

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