Preventing dialing without agent logon?

Dear folks!

I have yet another question whose resolution seems to elude me.

I want to prevent any dialog (internal or external) from a phone where no agent has logged on.

This is so that if someone forgets to log on, they will notice when they make outbound calls rather than never knowing they don’t receive phone calls.

Is it possible? Without any extension/agent logged on to the phone, I’d like everything you dial redirect to a certain extension, so I can play a message like “I’m sorry, no agent has logged on, press 1 to do so now , or hang up the phone”.
Pressing 1 would then redirect the call to *11.

Has anyone done this before and got it to work? I would prefer GUI work, because someone else will have to maintain this if I’m not around.

I hate to push this, but I haven’t made any progress on this because my research comes up empty.

I assume it has to do with the context of the phone call (The from-internal in FreePBX).
If somehow I could get a phone where no one is logged on to switch to a different context this would be possible I assume.

Also, having a default user assigned to an Ad-hoc phone means that there is always someone logged on.

Does anyone know how to switch the context of logged off phones?


Sometime back i did that for a client and blogged it, simple way of doing but you will get the idea, no GUI tho :smiley:

Thank you!

This is exactly what I had in mind (a different context).

No GUI isn’t a problem as long as I won’t have to define all devices/users in the custom file. (I.e. I can do this and then tell other to just put the device into that context in the GUI).

This is just perfect, and good thing with the emergency numbers, too!

Thank you again for your spot-on answer!