Prevent DAHDI channel from answering

Forgive me if this has been asked in the past. I have a X100P card installed running with DAHDI. No problems at all, however I’d like to prevent the card from answering a call if one comes in.

As an FYI, I’ve got my Vonage FXS box hooked into the X100P, with my Vonage service set to call forward to another number which I use as an inbound route. While the call forwarding feature seems to be working well, there are times where it does ring for a second before Vonage completes the call forwarding to where I want it to go. All I want the X100P to do is pass an outbound call through to the Vonage FXS box and not pick up on any rings.

Any suggestions as to how to accomplish this?

FYI, Asterisk 11 w/FreePBX (installed from Distro)

How about “Pause Before Answer” in your inbound routes.