Prevent caller from hearing DTMF tones

I am wondering if there is a way to filter out the two tones heard by callers when I press ## to get the hold tone.

I am using Freepbx 14 official distro and a simple linksys spa-1001 analog adapter. I am getting 2 s305 desk phones.

Any ATA will need to use inband DTMF signalling, so no, not when dialing “feature codes” while “in-call” :slight_smile:

What about the desk phones? I actually want to see if I can use two of the line buttons could be used as direct park buttons. Thats mainly what will be used to park. The ata adapter is for a basic cordless phone. It looks like maybe the phone apps would do something like this.

As I said . . .Any ATA will need to use inband DTMF signalling . . .

S305 is an ATA?

No, but the spa-1001 is and asterisk is a “b2bua” :wink:

Ok, I got that. The 1001 I get its not possible there.

But on the S305 I was hoping there was a way other than DTFM Tones / Feature Codes to park and retrieve calls. (I have used a cicso phone system that worked like this.) We had 4 “Lines” and 4 “Parks” on each phone. Press Park1 and you could go to any other phone and press park 1 again and pick the call up.

Hoping to have the same functionality in my rinkydink little shop.

That’s all in the wiki linked to at the top of this page :slight_smile:

Only page related to Parking on the phone, its not really what I was hoping for.
It is better then dialing feature codes but what happens when I hit park? Do I still have to listen for the park number, or will it be shown on the screen? Thats why I would like to just have a 2 park buttons on the home and in-call screen. I am really not going to use more then two, I have 8 slots but there are only 2 of us answering phones. I know if I press one I can page “Call on Park 1” and be done.

I did hit the wiki and searched the forums for the past 2 days, Phones should be here tomorrow and I can maybe get closer but I could not really find any thing in reference to what I wanted.

Not the only page, try harder :slight_smile:

I have a parking lot, I understand how the basic system works. I can park and pick up calls no problem. not what I asked.

On a S305. There are 4 “line” keys. The left two will be my 1000 and 1001 extensions. On the Right I want the keys labeled Park 1 and Park 2. Park one would be 91 and park 2 is 92. I can not even clear this but I think I can program them to be a shortcut to enter 91 or 92 and in call ##91 and ##92. But I think this would cause the caller to hear two tones.

That is phone specific but generally you need to program keys that are dual function, they respond to hints visually and speed-dial the needed code when pressed, that will all be host based so the dahdi channels won’t hear them

I also found this reference but its still unclear if you can select which parking space the button sends to or if its just the next available.

BTW, had to go through 4 pages of CEC docs and other totally unrelated pages. Search is only so powerful when you dont even know the terms your looking for. The S305 is a sangoma phone so I was hoping there would be references and guides in the wiki or somewhere. The wiki does not seem to have any more then the sales page.

The parking function parks on the first available lot and normally audibly cues you, but that’s too complicated for many, so hinting the parking lots (which is on by default) and subscribing to those lots/hints from 1 to n on the phone makes it slick.

HINT was the term I was missing. I was not understanding how to allow the phone to have information about the parking lots. That makes sense. I will try that today when the phones arrive.

Ok, so this was as simple as setting the button to BLF and value to the extension (91). However the light stays green when there is no call parked and red when there is. Wondering if I can change that to be off when there is no call parked?

That is a phone specific thing.

Sangoma S305

That’s a Sangoma phone specific thing :slight_smile:


No. Sangoma BLF only have the one mode. You may prefer to use the parking phone app.