Pressing ## while leaving voicemail starts a transfer

First off I want to say that I am very aware that ## is the beginning to transfer a call. However…

I have a client who makes a lot of calls to their clients and some of them have a voicemail system where they have to press # to finish recording and then # again to send the message and complete it, now since the installation of the new phone system they are having issues leaving voicemails for those clients because it starts a transfer of the call.

They run Sangoma S700 phones onsite. Does anyone have ANY recommendations what I can do. Its driving them crazy.


Go change the ## feature code for bland transfer to be something else in the feature code admin module of your PBX.

Edit: Bland should be blind. LOL Always typing on my phone.

I thought about that but I was not sure what kind of issues that might cause for the Phone apps since they are programmed on the back end.

Should I need to go into EPM and run Save, Rebuild and Update device after making that change? Or does the XML App on the PBXact unit just know what to do.

Phone Apps should not be negatively affected, and if you find they are, we would want a ticket on that. You will find that XactView/iSymphony is affected if you are using it, so update the xfer feature code there as well.

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Sorry - I read this and snorted coffee out of my nose.

The first thing that went through my head (after the coffee) was "Are we getting a new, fabulous transfer or what?

Thanks for brightening my day.

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