Press Zero instead of pound sign to record VM right away

Hi everyone! Is it possible to hit Zero (or any other number) instead of the ‘#’ sign when you want to by-pass the recorded greeting on an extension? If the voice mail greeting is too long, some people hit ‘0’ instead of the # sign. Can this be done?

In voice mail systems, typically, pressing “0” during the message will transfer the caller to the person covering for that user (read follow-me in FreePBX) or actually ring an operator extension. The VMX provisions of voice mail allow for digits 1, 2 or 0 to reach other destinations during a greeting.

Most systems use the “#” to allow bypassing the greeting so you can leave the message.

That said, you’d have to get into the Asterisk Comedian Mail internals to change how it works. There is not currently a provision in FreePBX which would allow you to do this.