Press a Key to go to a SIP Extension


I have some queues on my freepbx/asterisk but now i need to do the following:

When a customer press “*1800” i want that the call exit from queue and go to 1800 sip extension.

Thanks a lot.

You should be able to obtain this functionality, although you may have to have a couple of keypresses, by using the IVR Breakout menu in Queue setup.


Without a IVR because i want that, always i can cancel the waiting on queue and not only when goes to IVR and when i put a IVR on QUEUE i cant’t exit from this queue i only use IVR on queue to make a announcement for example (IVR Break Out Menu)


ok its works with a ivr break out menu because all ivr options are always available (all the time) on queue.

Now I have this problem, if i have codes with more 1 digit for example “11” and “12” in this case sometimes goes to 11 option and sometimes to 12 and sometimes to none of them !!