Preserving or copying voicemail .wav before VM Notify delete it

Hello everyone,

I am using VM notify to alert on call staff to service calls after hours. Everything is working fine with the current setup but I have been asked to allow the on call staff to call back in to retrieve the message as well. Of course, VM Notify deletes the voicemail as the module begins. The staff are also receiving the email attachment, but still, they wish to be able to call in and check the message manually at times.

My question: Does anyone have any suggestions how I can either:
a: Have 2 separate save locations for certain voicemail extensions
b: Have a script copy the .wav file before being deleted by VM-Notify.
c: Any other suggestions or ideas on how to make this work.

Thanks for any input!

If you are running the 13.0.10 or newer version…

This server is running I have not yet tested the FreePBX 13 to warrant the upgrade. Is this a new option in VM-Notify NOT to delete the voicemail on 13.0.10?

yes in 13.0.10 we added the option which moves the voicemail to “Old” rather than deleting.