Preserve original CID on call transfer

On a blind transfer I would like to preserve the original CID of the call and send this to the called extension, at the moment the CID of the transferring extension is displayed on the called extension, is there any way to achieve this?

If you are transferring from a trunk, there is the option of “Never Override CallerID” that is not checked by default. Maybe that would work… Ignore the red circles.

No, that does not work, it is for outgoing caller ID on the trunk.

The strange thing is that I am pretty certain that this used to work and most likely stopped working when I upgraded hardware recently.

Would be really grateful for some advice on how to get the original caller ID of the call transferred during a blind transfer.

Thanks in advance for your help.

I have done some further testing and find that if I transfer from a SNOM phone the original CID is preserved and transferred to the called extension but if I transfer from a Polycom phone the CID is not preserved during the transfer and the Polycom CID is sent to the called extension.

Obviously the two phones are behaving differently when using their respective transfer buttons, can anyone throw some light on this?

Help would be appreciated.

I have found that when you press the transfer button on the Polycom the phone is expecting an attended transfer, to make a blind transfer you need to press the Blind soft key that appears, if you do this the CID is preserved. Does anyone know how to programme to do it the other way round, ie Blind Transfer when you press the transfer button and a soft key to make an attended transfer.

Thanks for your help.