Presence on Ring Group


I have a ringgroup with extension 101, which calls (RingAll) extensions 1011 1012 1013

When I add extension 1011 to my SIP client (using Jitsi) I see presence information that the extension is online

However, the extension 101 always shows offline in my client, shouldn’t it be online if any of the extensions in the group is online?

No, FreePBX does not create ring group hints.

You can use the custom hints file to create the hint. Just list the extensions joined with the & character. IE: exten => hint,110,1011&1012&1013


I added the lines

exten => 101,hint,SIP/1011&SIP/1012
exten => 102,hint,SIP/1021
exten => 201,hint,SIP/2012&SIP/2012&SIP/2013
exten => 202,hint,SIP/2021
exten => 203,hint,SIP/2031

To extensions_custom.conf

And now I can see online status for the ring groups!