Presence module wanted


I was looking at the trixbox forums a while ago for a presence appplication but this might be a more appropriate place for this? Has someone thought of a presence module to let the end user set their presence information by phone/ARI? I’m missing this important feature. It would be something like this:

  • Call *21 (or whatever) get a prompt to enter reason for abscense.
  • A list is provided
    0 lunch (default 1 hour)
    1 meeting
    2 gone for the day (default back 8:00AM following day, OR monday if set on a friday)
    3 sick
    4 with sick child
    5 temporarily unavailable
    6 vacation
    7 leave of abscence
    8 whatever
    9 whatever

calling *21 not providing any options would present the list
calling *210# would set the presence to " out to lunch will be back at (whatever time occurs after 1 hour)".
calling *2101330# would set the presence to “out to lunch, will return at 1:30PM"
calling *2111530# would set the presence to " in a meeting, will be back at 3:30PM"
calling *2160620# would set the presence to " on vacation, will be back on June 20th 8:00AM”

You get the hang of it now I guess?

This is heavily used in Europe and maybe mostly in Scandinavia in any phone system and is a key selling point for phone systems here. TB/FreePBX, not saying they are the same, lack this feature, and I think the best way to implement this is through FreePBX. I would very much like to see this module created. I don’t think it will be rocket science to put together either. But my programming skills don’t amount to much so I ask you if this is doable for FreePBX? OR if something like it already is in the making? Haven’t seen anything about it though?

Would there be enough intrest for this to have it developed?


Take a look at

That would be a config just for Aastra phones. I want something that works with any endpoint. and not requre any customization on the endpoint. An application you dial into would be ideal and is very common here in Scandinavia. There is an implementation of Asterisk called Sipgear in Sweden which has this implemented. They have developed their own GUI and applications around Asterisk and ship is as an appliance. I would really like to see this in Trixbox or FreePBX, which is the best Asterisk management tool there is ;).

No one else intrested in a generic FreePBX module that can do this? The Aastra thing is just fine if you are using Aastra phones, but if you use Polycom or Snom what good is that? A module that can be used by any device would be far better and sould work just as well or better. you could just type in your away status from your phone and change it if you like.

I would be intrested in the following specs:

dial a configurable feature code to access application.

add voiceprompts through system recordings as usual

2 types of away codes one that let you input Hour:minute and one that let you input day:month for your return.

a default value to set if no additional parameters are entered after the desired away status. IE lunch defalt 1 hour, sick default one day.

Auto or manual reopen after time expires

possibility to add at least 9 reasons for being away.

usage as example in my first post.

This would be so much better than any hardware specific solution. Using a cell phone as extension you could even set this up so you can control this from your cell, and any other PBX internal features as well…

this would certainly take the load off the switchboard operator since everyone can take charge of their away status. performing an attended transfer the switchboard operator is always able to tell the caller where a person is and give them the choice to leave a message Or to use Vmx locator to try to reach them somewhere else…