Prepending CallerID of transferred call with "TR:"

I had this setup with using just flat asterisk config files on my original 1.06 box where when users blind-xferred calls to another extension, it prepended the caller ID of the call with “TR:” Now I’m on version 1.2.20 with FreePBX and I need this functionality back. What dialplan context should I edit/make a custom for to handle this?

The reasoning behind this is that our office doesn’t have a dedicated receptionist so we just have the system ring 4 people’s phones and whoever answers it will then forward the call to whoever should receive the call. The TR: is really useful when a person is not at their extension, the call that rings back to the 4 operators will see the TR: and know that we have tried xfering the call before.

you would have to modify the dialplan in ext-local and/or ext-findmefollow to detect that the call is a blind transfer and do the prepend there.

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or better yet:

put the following into [macro-exten-vm] right after the call to record-enable:

exten => s,n,ExecIf($["${BLINDTRANSFER}" != ""],Set,CALLERID(name)=TR:${CALLERID(name)})

and if that works, you’ll want to copy that whole macro with the addition to extensions_custom.conf in order to override the current one and not get overwritten later. But that won’t intercept a call if the phone has follow-me’s - for that you will have to spice into the dialplan generated by the module, I think, and do the same thing.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
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Thank you very much.

Below is a stupid question with and obvious answer since the option is right in the Queue configuration page. Please ignore.

Another question about this, what macro or context should I edit to do this when a call is transferred to a Queue? I’m looking but not having any luck yet.

Deleting a stupid question I had. Please ignore.