Prefix problem on incoming calls

FreePBX, all module updates and system updates made.

I have a small issue with Prefixes on incoming calls:

Here is the callflow:
Inbound Route (adds Prefix1, depending on which DID was dialed) ===> Reception Phone rings (and shows Prefix1 CallerID)===> IVR if no answer ===> Add Prefix2 depending on the choice made in the IVR (IVR options all lead to Queues where the Prefix2 is added)

Normally, I would think that the resulting caller ID should be: Prefix2 Prefix1 CallerID (the latest prefix always being added to the left)
But the result is: Prefix2 CallerID
The Prefix1 is removed in the process.

Am I missing something ?
In the CDR, I see Prefix1 when the phone rings, then when the IVR answers, the next line in the CDR no longer shows the prefix. So I guess that it is removed when the IVR answers.

AFAIK CID Prefix doesn’t append - it will only display the most recent prefix that has been set in the dialplan, so it is working as intended.

Under advanced setting, set this to No. (You may need to enable Display Readonly Settings and Override Readonly Settings)


Nice find ! Thank you, I will try this right away.

It worked, thank you !

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