Prefix Caller ID When Transferred to Cell Phone?

I have my extension transfer to my cell phone using Find Me Follow Me after 7 seconds of ringing at my desk. It’s great except when the call comes in to my cell phone, I don’t know if it’s a personal call straight to my cell phone or a call coming in from the business. Is there a way to prefix the caller ID that’s transferred over from freePBX during Find Me Follow Me? I tried the Call Prefix setting under FMFM and that prefixes it on my desk phone (which I don’t really need) but that prefix doesn’t show up on my cell phone. If that isn’t a possibility, how do others deal with this? I can imagine it’s a typical use case for FMFM and I have seen other hosted PBX platforms that offer this functionality.


Assuming your its will allow it,create a unique outbound route that has a prefix. In the route the prefix gets striped but you can prepend something. Then set your follow me to use that route prefix. For example let’s assume you create a route with a prefix of 9 and that this route pretends a 99 to the number dialed. The follow me would be 9 plus your cell number, you should see 99 as the first two characters on the screen of your cell