Prefix caller ID when it goes to Find Me/Follow Me

Would like to prefix caller ID when the call resorts to Find Me/Follow me.

We have a strict policy that all calls are answered, secretaries are getting calls from different departments and the callers do not even know where they need to go back to.

Thanks in advanced!

There’s a section in FMFM that allows you to set a CID Prefix.

Yeah, that prefix’s all the calls before they go on FMFM. Not really ideal to say From {EXT}: when its ringing the original ext.

How do other people handle this?

Again, you asked if there’s a option to add a prefix when calls reach FMFM, yes there is. (see attached picture)

If that isn’t what you are trying to accomplish, please explain your call flow and what you are trying to accomplish.

Sorry, let me elaborate.

I have tried to use the feature that you outlined in the picture, that prefixes the calls even before they go to the find me list. So ALL CALLS before they even go to my FMFM say From: 2222.

As for the call flow, the call will come to the destination as the original CID. Then, once it goes to hit the FMFM list I would like the CID prefix to illustrate where the call was original destined for ex: FROM:2222 “Original Caller”

If it displays that during the initial ring time then it’s likely a bug. Can you post a screenshot of your FMFM config?

Just verified, still adding the prefix to all calls.

This seems to me like a bug, maybe try to re-create the extension? or change the ring strategy?

You can report a bug here or since you use PBXact, open a ticket with Sangoma.

Double check the hover button on the option you are choosing. IIRC, the CID Name Prefix should only be added when the call is forwarded to FM/FM. The other option for this is the External CID Configuration “Mode” and “Fixed CID Value”.

I did and tried again, still prefixing all calls. This is really garnering more attention in the organization, users are transferring back where the calls come from because they didnt know the caller has already been there.

If you want to ring an extension without a CID Name prefix, and then proceed on no answer to a destination with a CID Name prefix, you can’t use FMFM. Check out the various Optional Destinations of the Advanced tab when editing the extension.

I just want it prefixed for FMFM and not direct calls. I feel like while the options are there i’m just not deploying something correctly.

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