Prefix an inbound call by extension?

Hey everyone, trying to figure out how to do this properly. I have an employee that just resigned. Our DIDs are managed by my VoIP provider, and they give you the option to prefix caller ID. So for his direct line, I am prefixing it with his name so then I can re-direct his calls to another person or to our queue and it will show his name before it so the person that answers knows they were calling for him.

I was figuring I’d just do follow me and then direct his calls to the queue or another person but I’m trying to figure out how to have it show his name before doing that if the person calls through our toll free or local number and dials by extension? I want it to be if someone calls our toll free, then dials his extension, it goes to our queue which is extension 500, which I’ll set up under follow me, but I need it to show his name.

Or is there a better option and way to do this?