Preferred upgrade path from 12.0.25 - moving from hardware to hyper-v VM preferred

We are running 12.0.25 and would like to move this to a VM and upgrade to a current stable release. Please advise on the best steps to take. I am unable to find any ISO’s for 12.0.25 also.

Thank you in advance!

Cecil J

I think for a version that old I would setup a new 14 Distro and migrate your settings to the new install with:

There are some settings that require manual attention post transfer, see this thread: How to: Upgrade FreePBX13 to FreePBX14 on Hyper V - Guide

Thanks for the info - will check it out.

Depending on how large your setup is, I would also look at potentially just starting over and setting up FreePBX 14 manually. Maybe use the Bulk Export/Import function to get extensions and DID.

Don’t bring old settings forward without reviewing what is actually happening, etc.

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