Prefer 722 Internally and 711 Externally

I’m wondering if there is any way prefer 722 for extension to extension calls and prefer 711 for outbound calls.

Here is the challenge I’m having.
Ext-Ext calls work great, great quality and use 722. When a person dials an external number; the handset uses 722, but our trunk provider only allows 711 (like most). Sometimes, not all the time, there seems to be an issue with trans-coding and the call is garbled or poor quality. Generally they disconnect the call, redial and all is well again.

I have tried to change the Preferred Vocorders in the handsets, but it seems the setting in Settings -> Asterisk SIP Settings -> Codecs always seem to override the phones.

I do not pretend to be an expert with FreePBX or Asterisk. I know 711 is the default and norm for SIP truck providers, I really want to use the HD for my internal calls and not deal with the once a month complaint about garbled calls.

Sangoma S500 handsets.

No with Asterisk as a Back to Back User Agent it will always take what the device prefers and if Asterisk understands the codec it will just transcode it.

Meaning if in the phone you have G722 then ulaw Asterisk will always take G722 even if your trunk is set to ulaw only and it will just transcode it.

Do you have call recording on/forced on any of your extensions in FreePBX?

I’ve had zero issues/complaints when my external calls are transcoded from g722 to g711 and vice versa.

I did start noticing about 1 in 50 or so calls would be garbled when I had recording forced on my extensions. During that time period though, total CPU usage (and individual usage for asterisk and interrupts) was minimal, RAM usage was low, and there was tons of hard disk space.

I think there may be an odd quirk or weird order of events that can trigger something like that. I’ll admit they are very hard to track down. Since Turing off call recording across the board I’ve had no issues with the transcoding.

Thanks Tony, I found some old post regarding the issue, was hoping things had changed.

Figured I throw the question out and give it a shot.

Call recording is set to never where ever possible.

It is odd, system utilization is low, it is virtualized but that shouldn’t matter. I am unable to duplicate it, no matter what I try.

I wonder if I should change call recording back to the default and just keep the feature code disabled to prevent it.

If you’ve never had call recording enabled then it is unlikely your issue was related to it.

It was just a thought.