Predictive dialler with in house crm connectivity


I’m involved in a project which requires connecting asterisk based PBX and drupal.

the PBX combo we where thinking about is freePBX distro (with astersik obviously).

Our aim is to be able to use freePBX as a predictive dialler on the cloud sending received call to a telemarketer with an option to send info and data about the call placed to drupal.
Drupal will function as a crm.

Also we need drupal to send some information back to freePBX to be presented as a block of html on the telemarketer (operator) panel.

The way we thought to create this two way connection was through restful api.

Asterisk 12 as rest api at ""
with some documentation about using it.

freePBX as a rest api module which is not available yet ??? to the public
"Using the REST API module to query cel database"

Basically we are looking for predictive dialler module for freePBX and rest api for freebpx or asterisk if such thing is available.

Thank you in advance for your insights!

This is in the repos. It requires Asterisk 12+

There are commercial modules that will dial out based on a list.

The back end stuff could be done through talking to mysql. Please note that Drupal can be a security nightmare so be cautious in how you set it up and how you store your customers information to it.

Thank you for the reply.

looking at the modules you have provided it obvious that neither is a PREDICTIVE DIALLER.
the xact-dialer says that specificity, and the appointment-reminder is just that appointment reminder and not predictive dialler.

I do need information about the ability to query the asterisk or the freePBX data base, either using rest protocol or some other proved working way before we can go ahead and start building our in-house crm using drupal.

thanks dan

Dan, These are the “built in” options for FreePBX. The alternatives would be to use vicidial which doesn’t really tie in to FreePBX as it is it’s own thing, or write something yourself.

Your best route to start development is probably to spin up a virtual machine and start hacking away.

The database is MySQL. We store in both CDR and CEL formats.

You can see the code for FreePBX at
You can learn the ins and outs of Asterisk at