Predial format

Hello, sorry for the noob question

I’m trying to customize my dialplan to create Confbridge.

To be quick :

If one of my extensions call a number that follow a spécific format
Format = “NZXXX” as an example

The dialplan will not follow the classic way of “from-internal”
but will do : "Confbridge NZXXX,testbridge,testuser,testmenu

i know there is some custom exten like

but i want to know how can i build my dialplan and what “macro-exten” i need to use to achieve my task.

Thanks by advance,

Why? Why aren’t you using the Conferences module to create your confbridges? What are you doing that needs you to do this outside of the GUI?

… and outside of the facilities that FreePBX provides for you? Even if you insist on doing it all in Custom work, the FreePBX additions should make this much simpler.

I dont wan’t to use conference that are already created. I want to offer to the user the choice of the number of the conference.

I don’t know if it’s possible with freepbx

It can be written, so of course it’s possible.

All of the facilities to create a conference are there in the GUI and to support what you want to do. You might need to put them together to make it happen, but it is certainly something that could be done.

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