Pre-requisites/process to obtain EPM license when purchased a Sangoma phone

so I did not purchase one yet, but planning on buying;

What do I need to do when purchased, to obtain the End Point Manager module license ? What does the process look like here ?

All that is needed is to be on FreePBX Distro 10.13.66-1 or higher with all modules updated in FreePBX.

Then register your deployment from the system admin module and thats it

My FreePBX deployment is registered since 5.11 days :slight_smile:
But my memory of how the licensing/buying licenses works is a bit rusty (only been through it once when licensing the Extension Routes module)
Will it be an option to provide with MAC/SN of the phone(s) at the time of ‘buying’ the EPM license? Or how else is it going to recognize that?