Pre-recorded message

Our business hours starts from 9 AM to 6 PM every (Mondays - Fridays) so I pre-recorded a WAV file message for this and I want to integrate it with our FreePBX system.

I added a Time Group and set all the necessary fields that coincides with the voice message recorded I did earlier. (Time to Start, Time to Finish, Week Day start, Week Day finish, Month Day start, Month Day finish, Month start, and Month finish).

I am to create a Time condition but can’t find the option from “Destination if time does not match” to add the voice recording I’ve created.

How do I proceed with this? Basically, I want the pre-recorded voice file to play whenever someone calls the office if time does not match the conditions I’ve set on my Time Group.

You want an Announcement.

Hi. I don’t know what they call that feature but basically I want it played whenever someone calls the office when time does not match in Time Condition.

I can’t find an option under “Destination if time does not match” to add the voice recording.

Add the “voice recording” to your “system recordings” hence “announcements” before you try and us it perhaps ?