Pre-existing wildcard certificate for UCP site

Hello. I was hoping someone could point me in the direction of adding a pre-existing SSL certificate to the UCP site (replacing the locally signed one set by default).I am running FreePBX Distro version 10.13.66-5 with certificate manager module 13.0.6 and system admin module 13.0.23.
In particular I have a pre-existing wildcard cert I would like to use for the UCP site and dont know what the right way to get the UCP site configured to use it from within FreePBX. From the forums I gather that the Certificate module is not the place to do this as I think that module relates to certificates for TLS. The System admin>https setup is where I suspect the correct place is, but that section of the system admin module doesnt look like it was intended to upload an existing certificate, but rather to facilitate generating the CSR for a new one.
If I am wrong about both and this has to be done outside of the FreePBX UI I am okay with that - I am just cautious of performing configuration changes outside of FreePBX if they were intended to be made through the UI.



It was written to allow uploads.