PPPoE on FreePBX box

I am bringing in a line specifically for my VOIP. As such I would prefer to not have a router in front of the PBX causing NAT issues or anything else. The VDSL modem is provided by the telco and although it can act as a router I would prefer it not. I want to just have it act as a modem and let the PBX do the PPPoE “dialing” etc. Is this at all possible? I see the PPPoE modules do appear to be there. How would I create a PPPoE connection for my internet?

Okay installed RP-PPPoE is easy enough. The question is therefore two-fold.

1: How unsupported is this?
2: Will the FreePBX firewall cover this configuration?

When I did this, I used the CentOS PPPoE interface (without installing anything special).

I had to set it up by hand, but once it was up and running, it worked just as transparently as everything else.