Poweroff with apcupsd nut

Hi guys!
How to make the system turn off (poweroff) and not into system halt? I need this to turn off the server completely. And the UPS could turn it on again.
I use apcupsd packet on another server in my LAN. And in Asterisk with follow config:
## apcupsd.conf v1.1 ##
LOCKFILE /var/lock
UPSCLASS standalone
UPSMODE disable

You need to verify the configured shutdown command. I’m using apcupsd and I don’t remember modifying anything other that the UPS cable type from the default configuration and my FreePBX completely shuts down after the low battery event.

I think this is due to the fact that Asterisk receives a shutdown command by NUT. I don’t use USB cable directly. Thanks anyway.

It should have nothing to do with the cable type. The shutdown command is the shutdown command, no matter how it is delivered to the server.

How I can edit this Shutdown command? The server goes into Halt mode as before. And it turns off only when the UPS itself becomes turned off.

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