Poweredge 1850 and TE110P conflict?

Te110p and Poweredge 1850
I am working on a te110p digium card and poweredge 1850 I’m not sure if I have an IRQ conflict or what but the card works in another system but goes into alarm in this one every 10 mins. could it be a conflict that I can resolve by manually assigning the irq? any help would be great!

IRQ issues have not been a thing in a long (almost 8 years) time.

When you have interrupt issues you typically hear a tick or a pop.

What type of Alarm are you getting?

On the other system it stays up?
Is the other system using the same carrier, CPE, wire?
Why not use the other system?

the other system is an optiplex 330 and this is a server. no pop, just a yellow alarm in the gui. it is the same carrier at the same site

Yellow means your config is probably wrong somewhere.

It works on the optiplex 330 with the same config. if I unplug the cable and plug it back in it comes up and stays up for 10 minutes