Power supply on my dell out of whack need a new supplier for freepbx

Looking for a non OEM, preferably pc that does not look like a pc that runs freepbx. It can be wall mounted to! I also like to make sure the company has my account and record of last order so I wont have to specify all the details over the phone on the PBX hardware. If the company can also blind ship the pbx to the customers location with my business name on the from address that would be great. The amount of clients are are smb like on the order of up to 10 seats.

The final designation would be Washington or British Columbia Canada.

Please see https://www.freepbx.org/store/freepbx-appliances/

You might also check out Logic Supply. http://www.logicsupply.com/ All small form factor, but a good selection of processor types depending on your needs.

Not to take anything away from sangoma because I support them and FreePBX whenever I can but you might also consider a cloud hosted pbx with SIP trunking and eliminate a less reliable hardware appliance altogether. Obviously, if there is very very limited internet, such as dialup, and you are still using pots lines for trunks instead of SIP your options may be limited, but it is worth considering if you haven’t already.

First model is not a bad price. Like to see if others provide links to other units.

You might try Foxconn Barebones systems (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16856119082). It probably doesn’t fit your needs since it comes w/o RAM or a Hard Drive, but it’s tiny, easy to mount on a wall or set on a desk, and it runs FreePBX. Might not be good if you are running analog POTS lines, but for a straight SIP system for 10 phones, it should work well. The one I’m using has been running for a few years and seems to work well. No Slots other than RAM, Gigabit LAN, several USB 3.0 ports, HDMI and VGA. But the Logic Supply and the FreePBX Appliances look pretty good too.

Well it will be a demo system to so yes, would be nice if it had the expansion slots to except a sangoma cars. Jervin, your system may be compact enough and portable to take on the road.

Must be more people on freepbx that use silent small power efficient boxes.

You won’t get what you want with a pci* slot and no fan, but a NUC will fit your bill otherwise, you can put it in your pocket and use a sipura/linksys/cisco ata 300* in your other pocket to to demo on site. PSU’s might need baggy pants. It will also perform flawlessly for your onsite PBX , I have used them for up to a couple hundred extensions (i5 hardware ), they felt no pain . . .

yes, portability on the sky train / buss or by car so its form factor is really small for demo purposes. What about FXS out to analog PA systems? If I had a small valcom with speaker, they may be impressed :slight_smile:

covered by the 300* (pad 20 20 characters)

What do you mean? BTW yes, totally forgot about the ATA adapters. I used to have one. Its been years but would need to have a fresh supplier of adapters.

Cheap and cheerful:-


For FXS (to-phone or end device port?) I think SPA112 is even cheaper and has 2 FXS ports and no second ‘inside’ network to remember to renumber (it’s not a full WAN/LAN router). Dialplan strings are a bit of a ‘blackbox’ on them though.

READ the fine print! they are IN china! that is not a three day order. I am in Canda.



I believe Seattle is closer Canda. You just have to act quicker and pay the premium.

Need a regular supply not a one off like offered on ebay.



Seems most of you cannot follow simple instructions on m request. When I said non OEM, that means…zero labeling of product on the front of the device. I will be slapping my own company label on the product. The intel nuc or small device will be sold in abundance!! no ebay no shipping all the way from china permitted! The embedded PC or Intel Nuc will be blind shipped to the clients site with my company “from label” in the shipping “from address” invoice. I could be selling 10 of these units a year or 100. The shipper will also be a business with fast response and turn around time. The manufacture will also stay with the same motherboard for a long period of time with no changes. This will keep the headaches of changing nick card drivers and settings to a minimum.

Seriously??? 99% of the people on here do not work for FreePBX/Sangoma and are donating their time to help answer questions. I wouldn’t expect much help with this attitude