Power outage and unable to log into GUI of freepbx

Had a power outage last night and now I am unable to log into my GUI,
CLI is up just fine and was able to run a yum update for module updates but still unable to log into the gui.
Here is the error I am receiving.

Exception thrown with message “SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection refused::SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection refused”

#7 Exception in /var/www/html/admin/libraries/utility.functions.php:204
#6 die_freepbx in /var/www/html/admin/libraries/BMO/Database.class.php:142
#5 PDOException in /var/www/html/admin/libraries/BMO/Database.class.php:137
#4 PDO:__construct in /var/www/html/admin/libraries/BMO/Database.class.php:137
#3 FreePBX\Database:__construct in /var/www/html/admin/libraries/BMO/FreePBX.class.php:69
#2 FreePBX:__construct in /var/www/html/admin/bootstrap.php:153
#1 require_once in /etc/freepbx.conf:9
#0 include_once in /var/www/html/admin/config.php:100

MariaDB didn’t restart.

service mysql restart should get you going. It might be ‘mysqld’ instead of mysql. There will be at least one error when you restart the database, so you’ll have to look at the error file in /var/mysql/ to find out exactly what the problem is.