POTS Line Problem

We previously used FreePBX with Trixbox w/Zaptel. Moved to PBX in Flash and now using DAHDI on the 2 analog lines. (We are using a RHINO card)

The problem is that we have 2 analog trunks (with rollover from the CO) and when an incoming call comes in on line 1 we are able to answer just fine. However when another call comes in on line 2 (while a person is on line 1) the receiver (who answered the phone) currently on line 1 is not able to hear the caller on line 1 until after 30 or so seconds. But the caller and receiver on line 2 are able to communicate just fine.

This problem has been occurring since Dec when we first installed PBX in a Flash. We are desperately solutions and any hints, suggestions, or guidance would be greatly appreciated.



Just thinking… could the POTS lines be on Call Waiting instead of Rolling over? My experience is pretty limited but with call waiting wouldn’t the second call connect and yack while the first call was on hold, then when call#2 hangs up you get call #1 back?

Or I could be all wrong.