POTS fax machine and FreePBX-Distro

I’ve been reading the forums and googling, have read the T.38 wiki.

I’m setting up a FreePBX_Distro Asterisk 11 box for a client. All lines will be sip trunks.

Client hate’s virtual fax, want’s his old school standard physical fax machine to work.

Am I correct in my understanding that the following setup should work.

SIP Trunk with T.38 enabled dedicated for fax use routed to a FreePBX extension with an ATA hung off it. Fax plugged into the ATA.

A) will this work?
B) If no, suggestions please…
C) If A = True, will any special settings on the fax extension need to be set?


It may work and thats the best answer you will get. Reliable faxing over the internet is anything but reliable, jitter, dropped packets are all things a phone system can deal with fine and the end user won’t notice, but a fax machine doesn’t know how to interpret such things and will usually just give up by giving you corrupt faxes or no faxes

Try to buy a quality ATA, such as the Cisco SPA 112