POTS Call forwarding

I thought this would be an easy one but hours of googleing has not brought me an answer.

I’m using FreePBX with a Digium card and only one POTS line, I’ll add SIP later, once I’ve got a handle on the configuration programming. For now the purpose is to record all calls and allow me to filter out telemarketers and nuisance calls.

I have Call forwarding included on the POTS line from my Telco. I need a way to get an outside line so I can dial *72 and forward the line to my cell when I’m away. (With only one analog line there is no way to call forward within Asterisk.)

How in the world do I simply get an outside dial tone? This should be simple right?

I currently unplug the phone and plug it directly into a telco jack to bypass Asterisk and then repeat to disengage call forward when I return to the shop. Not exactly a ringing endorsement of the functionality of Asterisk.

Please help.


Create an outbound route dial pattern with a unique prefix i.e. ‘777’ but leave the match pattern and prepend fields blank. Use the DAHDI trunk for this route, save and reload. Now when you dial 777, you will get a raw POTS dial tone you can use for whatever purpose you want.

1000 ways to do things…

My thought was

Applications>Extensions>New Custom Extension
Under “Device options” > Dial

Thanks Guys!

It’s always simple once you get the answer. :slight_smile: