Potential Bug on call transfer


I noticed a potential “bug” with Asterisk 16 & Freepbx 14.

Context: Call agent 1 transfers call to another agent. This last one is not at his desk.

So Call agent on D70 wants to “take back” the call to inform the caller that the Call agent 2 is absent.

But there is the issue: When taking back the call, Call agent 1 cannot hear anymore the initial caller while this one still can hear Call agent 1. So only one way audio

Any idea where the drop in 2 way audio happens ?

Thanks a million.

Attendant transfer?

Can you post a full call log? using pastebin etc

Thanks for your interest. Here you go. Latest bug this AM

Hi Calimero (c’est vraiment trop injuste). :slight_smile:
Make sure your system is up to date (O.S and Freepbx modules as well).
I know Asterisk made lot of changes. So to be sure, update your system and try again.

with latest Asterisk version, and core, attended transfer under PJSIP has been fixed, because Asterisk fixed some stuff around PJSIP and we adapted the code on FreePBX core module too.
Core is still on edge repos

Oui, il y a eu pas mal de changements autour d’Asterisk - PJSIP et attended transfer que j’ai dû corriger la semaine dernière.

Oui, “la vie est trop trop injuste” :smile:

I am up-to-date on all modules and core. I made sure of this.

I am not under PJSIP but legacy CHAN_SIP, which was straight forward to set up.
FreePBX version
Asterisk 16.4.1


Ok, did you try to use some softphone or another type of phone?
If it’s only an audio issue, then I think a problem with settings.
If the issue appears only with D70, try to update firmwares.

Just an idea like that

Just with the D70. I updated it with the latest firmwares here: https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/DIGIUM/Firmware

I will try and downgrade to see if this fixes this issue.

Thanks !

That will be interesting to know if that works with another type of phone.
If you’ve got only Digium phone, do you use EPM?
It’s easy to select any firmwares, but you must launch yum update every months to get new firmwares

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