Postfix question


I am new to FreePBX and try to learn more about this great software.
I just downloaded and installed FreePBX Distro (4.211.64-9).
In the documentation (first steps after installation) it says that I have to configure Sendmail/Postfix.
As I can see Postfix is the default installation this distro.
What has to be configured in Postfix - I just want to be mailed by FreePBX about new updates and error alerts from FreePBX ?
I have entered my email address in FreePBX:

  1. System Admin/Notifications Settings
  2. Module Administration/Upgrade Notifications

Appreciate all answers …

When I issue the command ‘mail [email protected]’ I am asked to fill in the subject, put something in the body … and I get the mail … so it seems to work without any configuration