Postfix help $30

FreePBX is not sending out my voicemail via gmail anymore.

I am not an expert in Centos and I am unable to diagnose the problem.

Need to get this Freepbx 2.10 system emailing again.

$30 Canadian via Paypal for the person that can fix this for me. Either walk me through it or Putty in.


SysAdmin is $25 will allow you to configure email settings via the GUI.

If I purchase the $25 software does it come with support to walk me through setting up Gmail if I have problems?

It was emailing until about a month ago, then it stopped. That may correspond with a upgrade or something like that.

We are running the standard install of 2.10 to the best of my knowledge.

It will not allow me to make a purchase with a valid credit card
there is no phone# listed for me to get this corrected and complete this purchase
very frustrating

Simplify and just use ssmtp, much easier to configure and setup.

If you’re in a real rush and want it up quick, send me a PM with your SSH info and I will do it for you in exchange for the $30 bounty. (Fairly busy tonight but can get to it tomorrow morning if you let me know and send the info).



Just leave this here… maybe you get it done yourself and drop your $30 to the FreePBX project…

I purchased a Sys Admin but Licence not showing as registered.
I was told to wait 1/2 hour, but we are at the 2 hour mark and still nothing from Schmooze Com

I just left you a voice mail, that module should be downloading when you click on the update license tab in SysAdmin, I left my direct number on your voice mail, give me a call and I’ll see what I can do to assist.