Post Sandy help needed! CP-7942G with FreePBX

We have been called into help a company that was severely impacted by “superstorm” Sandy, which you probably heard about in the news. Their PRIs and phone system were wiped out and all they have is a single remaining fast internet connection and 81 Cisco CP-7942G/7962G phones. In other words, they have been without phone service for two days shy of three weeks. They asked us to set them up temporarily on our hosted FreePBX cloud.

We migrated the phones to SIP but have been unable to get them to register, even with cfg files built on a Cisco system for SIP and those models. In the same network environment, we have successfully registered non-Cisco soft and hard phones.

We have struggled with this for two full days and need to determine if this configuration can be made to work (and how) or switch strategies (replace all the endpoints, which will cause further delay and expense).

We would like advice but will also pay for qualified professional services. Thank you,


FreePBX Official Support is available.

Looks like that is an option for Monday but not before. thanks.

Jim check your PM, I can give you a hand