Post-restore hook file questions

I need to figure this out. I am setting up a warm spare and I have working with one exception. I need to move a file after the restore process. I have a bash script that works from the command line. I include the path and the file name in the post-restore hook field. When I run the backup to test when it gets to the script I get a file or directory not found. Permissions are set for Asterisk and 0777. At this point i have two questions:

  1. Am I using the correct type of script? In this case a bash script.
  2. Is there a specific location I should have the script?

Thanks for any help

Iv’e seen this. I ended up placing the script in the root directory. It’s probably a path permission issue which I never had the time to figure out.

My issue was self inflicted I was trying to move a file that wasn’t there!! Oh well live and learn

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