Hi there!

I have a little “problem” installing frepbx…

I have a running and working asterisk 1.4.18 installation and want to install freepbx using my configs (or save them and put them back afterwards…)

Is this possible or do i have to config the complete thing again?



Short answer is probably not. FreePBX takes over and replaces extensions.conf, sip,conf, etc with it’s own files. It then creates extensions for example by first entering the needed data into a MySQL database and uses that information to generate a customized dial plan for the extensions.

You will find that the dial plan is very feature rich and if you find something is not done you can customize it to fit your needs by creating custom files. extensions.conf has it’s extensions_custom.conf file, etc. But code and contexts need to be in a format that FreePBX understands.

I’d highly recommend that first off you install a copy of FreePBX on a box that you can get started with and start playing and understanding what is already available to you. You will probably be suprised at they can already be done and then you might not have much if any customizations needed.

Freepbx does not read the conf files it creates them from the MYSQL DB and stock files.

So NO it will not work, once you go into Freepbx make a change and click the save buttons the files in /etc/asterisk are subject to be over written.

As fskrotzki said build a box (even a VMware box will work) setup asterisk / freepbx and go thru the GUI
the Docs are great and there is PLENTY of info on setting up just about anything you can by hand coding and a TON of stuff you would spend DAYS on can be with a few clicks of the mouse.