Post Install -- Monitor input Out of Range Message

I downloaded the FreePBX Distro, and post install I’m looking at dithered colors on the monitor with a message from the monitor “Monitor Input Out of Range”. I would have thought that a near universal sync range and refresh rate would be used. I’m trying a reinstall with the monitor hooked direct, instead of using the KVM. Is this a common issue?

I would suspect your KVM. you can force vesa mode in your grub boot setup that might work.

I suspected the KVM too, so I repeated the install without it, connecting everything direct… with the same result. Everything looks great from the web interface, so I tried forcing a vga mode in GRUB [vga=790]. This had no effect. It will run headless, of course, but this is a bit of an irritation nonetheless.

The suspect the moitor or cable itself, The terminal should come up in text mode, so you can use the lowest resolution vga=769 without loss but the monitor needs to see the horizontal and verticaL sync signals at any resolution.

I tried three different monitors with the same result before taking it out to the site. I will try the lowest resolution and see what happens. I suspect something funky with the onboard video on this new motherboard.